Our Production Capacity For Mining and Other Heavy Industry

With well equipped department, Hengin will help you to produce great kinds of cast/forged part for mining heavy equipment and other heavy industry equipment. In order to meet our customer’s demands of quantity and quality, Hengin developed and now can offer you about 20,000 tons/year products of carbon steel, alloy steel and spheroidal graphite cast iron and structural steel. Even for the supplying of the grinding mill shell liner, grinding materials and other wear-resistance parts, we will be your powerful partner.

Casting Capacity:

  • Carbon Steel -  Max. 200t per unit
  • SG Iron – Max. 40t per unit
  • Non-Ferrous – Max. 10t per unit

Forging Capacity:

  • Normal Forged Part – Max. 80t per unit
  • Free Forged Part – Max. 20t per unit
  • Forged Ring – Max. Diameter 5m
  • Forged Length – Max. 16m

Main Machinery and Fabrication Capacity:

  • Multiple heat treating furnaces ranging from Ø2mx30m shaft furnace to 9mx9mx15m furnaces as well as carburizing furnaces
  • 7m×9m×45m shot blasting chamber
  • Ø13m, 12m, 10m, 5m, 4m, 2.8m, 1.6m gear hobbing machine
  • Ø5m, 4m, 2.8m, 1.25m, 9m CNC gear grinding machines
  • Overhead cranes include 200t, 150t, 82t, 75t, 32t and others
  • Ø13m CNC vertical borer
  • Four external fabrication and machining works capable of producing large cement kilns up to Dia. 5m and 60m length
  • 4x14m CNC cutting machine