Customized Conveyor, Linking Your Processing Line

Conveyor offers the features of huge throughput, simple structure and easy maintenance through a long distance, Hengin heavy conveyor can be customized on the basis of different processing requirement. We can offer you one single conveyor and even conveying system, considering given information and other data, Hengin will design and equipped the necessary protection part, lighting system and monitor system ,which will improve the conveying system applicability.

Working Conditions

The conveyor often works in the environment temperature of -10℃~40℃, and the temperature of the delivered material is usually not over 75℃. Our Heat-resistant rubber belt usually requires the material’s temperature not over 120℃. If you will deliver the special corrosive material, we will choose the oil resistance, acid and alkali resistant rubber belt or plastic belt.
And also, we will design and offer the conveying solution for your mining material.

Belt Conveyor

Our belt are oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, which will be applicable to materials with special properties. The vulcanized linkage belt head will prolong its service life greatly. This conveyor works steadily, without relative movement between materials and conveyer belt, and features large capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low operation cost and wide application.