PF, PFX and PCX mining impact crusher

We offer PF, PFX and PCX series impact crusher for our customer. You can contact us your requirement, and according to your different condition, we will give you the best solution to meet your existing production line. Also, you can choose the certain type crusher in our type tables.

PF series impact crusher is the new product of three-chamber crusher which is based on the advanced technology and our recent product perfomace. This series mining crusher can handle various material with compression resistance no more than 560Mpa. It features in high capacity, high reduction ratio, easy maintenance. It is suitable for the fileds of road construstion, construcion project and other stone machining industry.

Type Specification (mm) Feeding hole size   (mm) Max feed size   (mm) Capacity   (t/h) Power   (kw) Overall dimension   (mm) Weight  (t)
Pf-0607 φ644x740 320x770 100 10-20 30 2010x1490x2600 6.5
PF-0807 φ850x700 400x730 300 15-30 30-45 2210x1490x2670 8.1
PF-1008 φ1000x800 400x830 300 30-50 37-55 2400x1558x2660 9.5
PF-1010 φ1000x1050 400x1080 350 50-80 55-75 2400x2250x2620 12.2
PF-1210 φ1250x1050 400x1080 350 70-120 110-132 2690x2338x2890 14.9
PF-1212 φ1250x1250 400x1300 350 100-150 132-160 2690x2508x2890 16.3
PF-1214 φ1250x1400 400x1430 350 130-180 132-160 2690x2688x2890 18.6
PF-1310 φ1300x1050 490x1170 400 80-140 110-160 2780x2478x2855 21.2
PF-1315 φ1320x1500 860x1520 500 160-250 180-260 3096x3273x2667 24.3
PF-1520 φ1520x2000 830x2050 700 300-550 315-440 3581x3560x3265 36.5