Research on the Mining mill liner casting and manufacture process

miining mill liner procastMining mill liner research is a long-lasting project for hengin heavy. Our value is to save cost and get more profits for our customer.We are always the basement of our customer.
As reading the Computer results, it shows that re-designed mill liner will increase wear life at least 20%. With mill liner running longer, the mine will reduce the mill downtime, replacment and maintance costs.
Analyzing the gating system, calculating the riser and simulating the casting defect by the ProCast software, so that it will reinforce the casting solidification process and eliminate the cast defect. Through material heat treatment calculating and getting the phase transformation point, phase transformation temperature and the CCT curve data, we plan the reasonable heat treatment processing, set the proper parameter of heating temperature, holding time and cooling rate and other like these, for adjusting the cast part structure, in order to acquire the ideal material which will perfectly satisfy the working condition requirements.
The mill liner manufacture is totally on the automated producing line, each parameter and technical processing steps are executed precisely, maximum reducing the interference of artificial factors, lest the same batch of mill liners will be checked out the quality deviation. It will ensure the quality stable and reach the lifespan demands.
Testing the mill liner chemical composition, Metallography, mechanical property, in order to ensure the quality.

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