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Crusher Hammer
Crusher Hammer
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Crusher Hammer
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HENGIN provides Crusher Hammer products of high manganese steel and cemented carbide for OEM Nordberg® NP™ series impact crushers, Sandvik QI mobile impact crushers, etc. Crusher Hammer adopts V method casting process with high dimensional accuracy.

■ Crusher Hammer High Manganese Material:
■ Crusher Hammer High Chromium Cast Iron:
■ Crusher Hammer weight range:
■ High Manganese Stell Grate Manufacturing process flow:
process design, model making, casting, water toughening heat treatment, machining, packaging;
■ Casting Process:
Casting accuracy is CT12, alkaline phenolic resin sand modeling, molten steel is refined;
■ Crusher Hammer Microstructure:
Austenite + Carbide; Martensite + C3Cr7;
■ Product Testing:
body hardness testing, proportional NDT, mechanical performance testing of samples, metallographic testing of samples;
■ Packing:
steel bracket.

1Crusher Hammer Foundry Sand Mold 2Crusher Hammer Smelting 3Crusher Hammer Heat Treatment
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