Rotary Kiln Tire
Rotary Kiln Tire
Rotary Kiln Tire
Rotary Kiln Tire
Rotary Kiln Tire
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The Rotary Kiln Tire is also called the rolling ring. Its function is to transfer all the gravity of the cylinder (including the gravity of refractory bricks, internal devices and materials) to the supporting roller, and make the cylinder rotate smoothly on the supporting roller. The belt should have sufficient strength and durability. At the same time, the rotary kiln tyre is a part that strengthens the radial rigidity of the cylinder and should have sufficient rigidity.
HENGIN can provide large-scale Rotary Kiln Tire and others Cement Rotary kiln spare parts OEM brands such as CITIC, Sinoma, Northern Heavy Industries, Pengfei, and Smith and Heidelberg.

■ Manufacturing Process: Casting,Heat Treatment,Machining.

■ Materials: ZG45,ZG35Mn,ZG35SiMn.
■ Test: UT, MT,GB / T7233-87Ⅱ.
■ Mechanical Properties: good strength, toughness, model.
■ Weight: 5-50t.


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