Gyratory Crusher Liner
Gyratory Crusher Liner
Gyratory Crusher Liner
Gyratory Crusher Liner
Gyratory Crusher Liner
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The high manganese steel material of the gyratory crusher liner can increase the initial hardness of Mn18Cr2 by appropriately increasing the carbon content and manganese content. The initial HB210 is around. After use, the hardness can be increased to HRC50. The depth of the hardened layer can reach 18mm. After adding chromium, the wear resistance of high manganese steel castings is improved. After chromium is solid dissolved in austenite, it can improve the yield strength of steel. Because chromium has a great influence on the work hardening ability of high-manganese steel, the castings of the gyratory crusher liner must contain certain Cr elements. P element has a very important influence on the mechanical properties, wear resistance and technological properties of steel. Phosphorus drastically reduces the impact toughness of high-manganese steel. Each 0.01% increase in P content reduces the impact toughness at room temperature by 49-58.8J/cm2. The operation of the gyratory crusher liner  is subjected to a huge impact, so the P content is strictly controlled.

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