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Mill Girth Gear Manufacturing Process
 Develop product quality ITP plan

 Develop an ITP plan to control product quality based on product process and control points

■ Wood model

 Wood model production adopts first-class standard, accurate size, short processing cycle and can be reused many times.

■ Making sand cavity

Resin sand molding ensures accurate casting size and prevents non-machined surface sticking

■ Smelting,Pouring

Ensure chemical composition within the required range, strictly control the content of harmful elements P and S can not exceed the standard, use molten steel refining process and equipment, remove inclusions as low as possible to ensure the purity of molten steel; control the temperature of molten steel within the river range, Pouring speed is fast and smooth.

■ Clean Up

The castings are kept in the sand mold for a long enough time to release the casting stress as much as possible to prevent breakage; the riser and the pouring system are cleaned by gas cutting, local heating before cutting, and sufficient processing allowance is maintained, and the heat treatment is timely after cutting.

■ Heat Treatment

After the castings are cleaned, normalizing treatment is carried out. The temperature of the castings is balanced in the heat treatment furnace and the support pads are stable to ensure no deformation.

■ Shot Blasting