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SAG Mill Liner casting Standard For Simulation Analysis


■ Analytical Purpose of Procast

 The temperature field distribution graph of casting solidification is obtained.
◆ Size and distribution graph of shrinkage cavity and porosity after casting solidification are obtained.
 The rationality of casting process design is verified.

■ Analysis and Evaluation Criteria of Procast

 Whether the filling process of castings is smooth or not.
Whether the overall temperature distribution of casting is with clear hierarchy and is solidified sequentially from bottom to top.
 Whether the high temperature zone eventually appears at the riser, and whether the purpose of process design has been realized.

■ Analytic Content of Procast

◆ In-solidification and final temperature field distribution.
◆ The size and distribution of defects like shrinkage cavity and porosity.

■ Analytical Form of Procast

 Filling animation of castings.
 Variation trend of temperature field in castings
 Defect distribution of mill liners castings
Procast simulation analysis needs to give reasonable and correct process parameters including material composition, pouring temperature, riser type and heat dissipation coefficient, volume grid size setting and so on, otherwise the simulation will not achieve the expected results. After long-term process verification and production practice, we have accumulated correct simulation data, which has achieved the purpose of Procast simulation optimization and improvement of the casting process of the mill liners.